MLM Softwares

In Binary plan, each member can have 2 front line distributor on first level of binary tree. You can sign only two people directly under yourself, thus a structure that is formed has two “legs”. They are also referred to as inside leg and outside leg. Outside leg is also known as Power leg which includes new distributors recruited by a member as well as from member’s upline (spill) who does not have any spot left. Inside leg known as Profit leg, typically includes distributors who are recruited by their immediate member. There is no restrictions in this plan as to what depth a distributor can build its network, though it has a fixed width. A binary allows you to get paid to UNLIMITED depth in your team and there is NO disadvantage working with people 1000 levels deep in your team. Among all the plans, binary plan is simple, comparatively beneficial and highly popular. It is a fundamental plan which makes understanding of all the other compensation plans easy.

Among all the MLM compensation plans, Generation plan is considered to be very strong plan. As the name implies, Generation Plan structure is based on the concept of Generation. Hence, one generation includes all the members (say A1, A2, A3…) who are at par to each other in the downline of say a sponsor A. Member can have ‘n’ number of directs. It grows horizontally bigger than vertically. Further directs can sponsor n number of distributors. The flow/grow is from left-to-right & top-to-bottom. Generation means all the levels from you to the next member who is at same rank as yours or higher and generation income is distributed as per generation levels.

Matrix Plan, as the name implies, has matrix of fixed number of rows and columns (nxm, where n=1, 2, 3 and m=1, 2, 3). Hence is has a set width and depth. It is also known as Forced Matrix Plan. There are two types of matrix based structures commonly used 1-2-4-8(2×2) and 1-3-9-27(3×3). But there are examples of 2×3, 3×7, etc. One can even apply 4×4 matrix structure but generally it is complicated and time consuming for MLM. In Matrix plan, when the front line is filled up, the newly recruited distributors are placed deeper in their downline means that they are placed in next available position. The biggest advantage of this plan is from spillover. Your downline distributors can sponsor more no. of distributors in their downline, which may actually benefit you. Your downlines are also benefitted from your spills by having deeper network. Due to its certain drawbacks, it is not favoured much, however to make it more lucrative, many organizations have included some distinct additions in the plan.

It is the oldest and established compensation MLM plan. It has a flat structure, in which newly recruited distributors can be put only in one line. Unlimited number of distributors can be sponsored in frontline, as there is no limit to the width of the structure. Since all distributors are in same one line, they are at par to each other. Again, each distributor can appoint any number of members in downline. Unilevel plan does not involve any structural complexities. Since it is very easy to understand, it is preferred by part-timers and considered a good option for start-ups.

The MLM Gift/Donation Plan is the brand new version of network marketing or multi-level marketing & many people are interested in joining the MLM Gift/Donation Plan because of the simplicity of the plan and the chance of getting higher returns.This a simple way to gain wealth.

How MLM Gift/Donation Plan Work ?

This plan is also known as Donation Plan or help plan. This plan is a variation of cash gifting. Here a person gets the advantage by Gifting or Donating to others. Simply this is a typo of “give and take” concept.

This plan is also known as cash order plan. Actually this is not a multi level marketing concept. The basic concept is to send gift to one member and receive multiple gifts from many other members. So each member will be benefited with multiple gift receipts from other members. Members will deposit or gift directly to other members as the system shows. The company can charge an amount for the managerial expenses and for the registration charges. This plan can be of many levels.

Advantages of MLM Gift/Donation Plan over other plans

  • The ability of deciding how to receive your money, daily, weekly, monthly or longer.
  • The autonomy over your money through Paypal, AlertPay or Solid Trust Pay.
  • Much lower time requirements and differing fiscal requirements.
  • People are more likely to use the services on a regular basis, even after the initial flush of success has faded.
  • Gifting plans with low buy will attract more people.

Possibilities of Gift Plan MLM software

This MLM Software will work like a gift manager who know everything about this plan. With the help of the software, you can contact several members for participation. You have to set all gift providing scenarios only once & then the software will manage it according to your recommendations, which will save your time and you can completely immerse with other aspects of your business.